Plunger tip

Plunger Tips are essential to die casting and enduring high pressures and temperatures. They precisely guide molten metal into molds, ensuring consistent flow, reducing defects, and enhancing production efficiency and final product quality.

plunger tip die casting plunger tip

Nitrided plunger tip

Nitrided Plunger Tips provide exceptional wear resistance and longevity, optimizing die casting processes for consistent, high-quality production.

A Revolution in Die Casting Efficiency and Durability"

Ring Plunger Tip

Easy Maintenance:

One of the critical features of the Ring Plunger Tip is its user-friendly design that allows for a swift, on-site snap ring replacement. There’s no need for punch disassembly, thereby ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Extended Lifespan:

The design allows for easy replacement of the wear ring, extending the lifespan of the plunger tip, reducing downtime, and increasing efficiency.

Prevention of Leakage:

 The wear ring’s ability to adjust its outer diameter for a precise fit with the shot sleeve’s inner wall prevents molten aluminum leakage, enhancing the casting process’s overall efficiency and safety.

plunger tip

Customer Site Case

In a real-world application, our Ring Plunger Tip on a 4500 ton die casting machine at a customer site achieved an astounding 7500 die times!

Our Ring Plunger Tip is expertly engineered to deliver exceptional performance, especially for large tonnage die-casting machines. Its unique design features an adjustable snap ring that expands to perfectly fit the shot sleeve’s inner wall, effectively eliminating aluminum leakage and enhancing product qualification rates. Its thermal stability ensures consistent shot velocities, while the flexible wear ring maintains continuous contact with the shot sleeve, minimizing wear and improving the vacuum seal. Plus, this product is customizable to accommodate various punch sizes, providing tailored solutions for your unique die-casting needs.

Extended Life Expectancy:

With a single snap ring lasting 7500 times and one base substrate accommodating four snap rings, our Ring Plunger Tip offers a total lifespan of up to 30,000 times.

Easy Maintenance:

The design of our Ring Plunger Tip allows for a swift, on-site snap ring replacement without the need for punch disassembly, maximizing operational efficiency.

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