Plunger rod

The plunger rod, integral to die-casting machines, conveys force from the hydraulic system to the shot sleeve, enabling the injection of molten metal into the die. It’s made of high-durability materials to endure extreme temperatures and pressures, ensuring accurate casting operations. Its condition significantly impacts the final product quality.

High Performance and Durability: The Indispensable Role of the

Plunger Rod in Optimizing Die Casting Processes

Our Plunger Rod is a meticulously engineered product that plays a critical role in the die casting process. It is designed to push the molten metal into the mold under high pressure. Manufactured with superior materials to ensure durability, it offers excellent resistance against wear and heat. The precision design contributes to consistent casting quality, reducing operational downtime and enhancing productivity. Our plunger rod is built for longevity, ensuring reliable performance and a superior finish in each casting process. Its superior design and high-quality construction make it an essential component for efficient die casting operations.

plunger rod


Dimensional range

Diameter:             55 – 170 (for piston Diameter 70 – 180)

Lenght:                   400 – 2500mm


Plunger rods are made using QT steel.

Based on specific customer needs, other steel grades can be used.

Delivery condition


HARDNESS between 28 and 32 HRC


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