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As China’s foremost Manufacturer of high-performance die-casting machine parts, Yulong distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and cost-efficiency. Serving over 300 die-casting factories, we bring industry-leading expertise to ensure each client receives optimal solutions tailored to their needs.

Advanced Heat Treatment: Key to Premium Die-Casting Parts

We use state-of-the-art equipment from the esteemed German brand, IPSEN in our heat treatment process. This includes a vacuum quenching furnace, a multi-use quenching furnace, and a vacuum nitriding furnace, all providing excellent temperature uniformity and control. This ensures a consistent, high-quality output for our products.

Our unique nitriding process further enhances the surface hardness of our products to ≥ HV900 and nitriding depth to ≥ 0.3mm, significantly increasing their wear and corrosion resistance. 

This robust heat treatment process, combined with our strict quality control, enables us to deliver die-casting machine parts with exceptional durability, efficiency, and overall performance.

Ipsen - Industrial Vacuum Furnaces
Heat Treatment
shot sleeve nitriding

Pioneers in Crafting Gigantic Shot Sleeves for Large-Scale Die Casting Machines

We proudly boast the capacity to create Gigantic Shot Sleeves for die-casting machines ranging up to 8,000 tons. Our expertly engineered sleeves enhance performance and durability, seamlessly supporting your high-tonnage pass-casting processes.

Our Pioneering Technology Patents

We take pride in our portfolio of patented technologies, showcasing our continual innovation in the die-casting field. These patents symbolize our commitment to providing our customers with top-tier, cost-effective, and highly efficient solutions.

Exacting Quality Control: Ensuring Top-Tier Excellence

Quality Management System (QMS):

Guided by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, our internationally recognized QMS allows us to systematically manage and enhance the quality of our products and services, providing superior value to our customers.

Advanced Testing Tools:

We utilize the latest testing and inspection technologies for precise detection and measurement, enabling us to identify even minor anomalies for the highest quality assurance.

Experienced Quality Control Team:

Our QC department is composed of seasoned experts, each with an in-depth understanding of die-casting machine parts and a dedication to maintaining exceptional quality.

Continuous Improvement:

We foster a culture of perpetual enhancement, routinely assessing and refining our quality control procedures to ensure we consistently deliver top-quality products and services.

Trusted Partnerships

Valuing partnerships as key to our growth, we take pride in collaborating with industry leaders like Tesla, Great Wall Motors, Acuity, and Autoliv. Such alliances keep us at the cutting edge of the die casting machine parts industry, enabling us to deliver top-notch, innovative solutions to our customers.

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